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indieclub.com interview

Indieclub.com interview

Who wrote the screenplay? How long did it take? How many drafts did he/she go through?
I wrote 'Cupid's Mistake'. There's no screenplay format. I just have a few pages written out. I thought about the story for a few months, then I wrote it out on paper in a few days. It's really a simple story. A likes B but B doesn't like A, B likes C but C likes D....It's like nobody gets anybody. Mostly the scene is dating scene A&B, B&C, C&D and D&A...

Was the screenplay strictly followed in the filming?
I just let the actors improvise, ... just like natural dating.... I asked them, "what would you do when if you guys were dating. Then the camera just followed them.

How did you finance the project?
My budget was $980. I used some funds from money made on a TV commercial I directed.

Did you story board your scenes? And if so, did you use a program or an artist or?
The funny thing is I used to be a storyboard artist. But this project is no storyboard, the camera just follows the actors.

How did you find your actors? What kind of pay if any did you offer your actors and crew?
All my friends. They're good actors. I cast them a few times on my TV commercial projects before this filming. 4 actors... Gil, Susan, Toya and Ken.... I paid them $100 each. Gil. I paid him $200, because I rented his apartment for the shooting.

Did you create a budget and did you stay on target throughout the process? What was your budget?
There were no headaches, no one involved with the budget. I did whatever I wanted for this film.

Did you shoot with DV, 16mm, 35mm, other?
DV. DV is cheaper, the camera is small. It's easier and faster to move around a location without a permit.

Did you rent, buy or borrow? Was it a one camera shoot?
Just one camera that I have. The Canon XL-1. Did you shoot wide screen?- 1: 1.31, I changed it 1: 1.81 in post-production.

How did you handle sound on the shoot?
Most of the scenes I rented pin-mike(Wireless), some scenes I used just the camera mic.

What kind of lighting did you use and how much of the indoor and outdoor scenes were lighted?
Outdoor no lighting. Indoor just 1-2 lightings . 1k

What type of obstacles did you encounter when shooting outdoors?
Background sound, especially near the ocean and street.

What were the obstacles you encountered while shooting? Any Advice?
Choose quiet locations unless you have a big budget sound package.

What kind of shots, dolly shots, crane shots, steadicam or other types did you use and what resources did you use to accomplish these?
None of them, most of the shots were handheld. The handheld shot makes the scenes appear natural.

What other equipment did you find useful on your shoot? Is there anything you wish you would of had and didn't?
I wish I had a better sound package.

How did you edit the film? What system did you use to edit?
I edited this film in Media 100. Media 100, Later I made the film wide screen through Final Cut Pro.

What were the obstacles you encountered while editing? Any Advice?
I don't have much Hard drive space.

Where did you get the music for the film?
I used music from a CD my friend Oliver Lyon supplied. I gave him a Video, and I got a CD from him.

How much Foley will you end up incorporating in the editing process?
No Foley in this film.

What are the main suggestions you would give other filmmakers, based on your experiences on this film? In planning, in post production, in scoring, in editing, in pre production, etc.-?
Just shoot, these days it's much easier to make film, because of DV filmmaking.

What were the obstacles you encountered while marketing it? Any Advice?
Money. In order to keep costs down, I have forgone newspaper ads and promoted my film on the internet and by word of mouth. I have also kept the movie alive on video, avoiding the costly blow up to film $40,000 - $100,000.

Have you struck a deal with any distributors?
Though Phaedra Cinema is technically the distributor, it appears that I am still footing the bill for ads and shipping costs.

Have you returned any profits from the movie as of yet?
I broke the even through the box office. Next step I'm working with Angelpop.com e-commerce site which was selling CD's, Video's and DVD's through the internet. They'll launch 'Cupid's Mistake' in May 21. Hopefully I can make some money through that avenue.

Have you tried the film festival route and if so, how is it going?
Screening at Light + Screen Film Festival in NYC (01/25/2000) Screening at Cult Movies Convention 2000(10/22/2000) Audience reaction was very positive, then FilmThreat.com interviewed me. Cult Movies Magazine reviewed this film also.
What are your future plans for the film?
Cupid's Mistake next stop is the Pioneer Theater in New York City, where it will play on August 24.

What do you have in the works after this film?
I just finished my second digital feature film, 1st Testament: CIA Vengeance starring Ron Becks and Soo J Kim, a first-time Black/ Korean co-production. An Asian/American action drama, it is stylistically reminiscent of Le Femme Nikita. I shot it on a budget of $10,000 in just 7days, it was first presented in pre-release form at the AFM in Santa Monica a few weeks ago, and is currently being marketed at the Cannes Film Market 2001.

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